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As a family ourselves, we appreciate that life has become ever busier. At Moloney Monuments we also supply and install decorative pebbles and artificial grass for burial plots making them maintenance free and can transform the look of the plot.

We are experts in adding new lettering and in the renovation and cleaning of existing Monuments. Moloney Monuments can match the font of existing headstones and where requested, we can completely restore a memorial to its former glory. Should you require sunken kerbing repaired or replaced, or any aspect of the plot improved, Moloney Monuments will do that for you.

The type of kerb or surround is usually dictated by the style of the headstone which has been chosen. Additional variations such as corner posts can be added which are also available in a variety of styles.

Graveside memorial accessories are a special way to remember a loved one, these can range from precision crafted vases, urns, figurines, crosses, plaques, statues to bespoke pieces specially designed for your personal requirements. Additional features such as areas for growing flowers and plants, or benches are also possible.

Straight Kerb (Angled Corner Posts)

Round Top Kerb (Round Top Corner Posts)

Angled Kerb (Chamfered Corner Posts)

Half Rounded Kerb (Rounded Cross Corner Posts)

Rose Kerb (Roped Corner Posts)

Pitched Kerbs (Pitched Corner Posts)

Angled Kerb (No Corner Posts)

Roped Kerb (Flame Corner Posts)

Straight Kerb (Pointed Corner Posts)

Plant & Flower Section

Straight Kerb (Pyramid Corner Posts)

Rippled Kerb (Chamfered Corner Posts)


Teddy Bears

Marble Statues

Granite Statues

Granite Benches

Marble Benches




Carved Vases




Bespoke Pieces

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